Tarkarli beach (Malvan)

  Tarkarli beach (malvan) is an amazing tourist destination along the coast of Konkan. It is located few miles North of Goa, in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra State. Tarkarli is full of scenic beaches surrounded by hills and lush greenery. Takarli beach is beautiful place for holiday. This is my first visit to tarkarli and i  […]

Thoseghar waterfall

  Thoseghar  small place is famous for the waterfall in forest. thoseghar waterfall roughly 1000 ft. This waterfall is scenic spot locate near the small village of thosaghar. Which is 20km from satara city. People come all over the Maharashtra to visit this place. Especially during monsoon season. Area is calm and quiet with clean lake […]

Monsoon tourist place in Maharashtra

  Monsoon is wonderful season in India. here we explore some top monsoon tourist place in Maharashtra.  Maharashtra have lots of places to enjoy monsoon. so lets explore some top monsoon destinations, Malshej ghat – malshej ghat is at its best in Monsoon. You are midst of clouds, dense fog , green valley, enjoy lots […]


  Jejuri temple is lord kandobas temple. Khandoba is presiding deity of Maharashtra. The temple is located in jejuri, around 51km from Pune and roads are pretty well maintained. Jejuri is the most revered pilgrimage destination in Maharashtra. As per the tradition, newly married couple has to visit this place in the first two to […]

Shaniwarwada wada


Shaniwarwada built in around 1736, by Bajirao Peshwa. Shaniwarwada is locate in to the heart of Pune city. It was originally constructed for the Peshwa. It took 2 years to build. Total cost to build wada was Rs.16,120. Bajirao (18 aug 1700 – 28 April 1740) was general of the Maratha Empire in India. Bajirao […]

Kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati)

  Satara is the historical city from Maharashtra state. It is locate in Satara district. Today I am exploring one of the most beautiful part in Satara which is Kurneswhar (Khinditala ganapati). After parking vehicle near welcome board, you can come down from the stairs. You are first greeted by lots of banyan trees covering walking path […]

Kolhapur city

Kolhapur is popular,rich and dynamic city. It is located at south west side of Maharashtra. Kolhapur has cultural and political importance in Maharashtra. Also it gives boost to Maharashtra economy too. It is situated at bank of Panchaganga river. It is well known for non veg, Saaj(Necklace), Jaggery, Kolhapuri Chappal and wrestling. Also people from this district are considered most […]


Mumbai is Newyork / London of India. Go anywhere in world and if you ask about India, first two things people say are bollywood and Mumbai. Mumbai is capitol of Maharashtra and more than that it is financial capital of India. British developed Mumbai city to become financial center and post-independence Indians nurtured it more. […]

Konkan or kokan

Konkan is Maharashtra’s rich coastal area which consists of six districts including Mumbai city. Mumbai is also capitol of Maharashtra and also financial capitol of India. Six districts under Konkan are as below. Districts under Konkan Mumbai city, Mumbai suburban, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Thane Sindhudurg. I already described Mumbai as part of cities as it is mostly considered for its […]