Tarkarli beach (Malvan)


Tarkarli beach (malvan) is an amazing tourist destination along the coast of Konkan. It is located few miles North of Goa, in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra State. Tarkarli is full of scenic beaches surrounded by hills and lush greenery.

Takarli beach is beautiful place for holiday. This is my first visit to tarkarli and i  totally loved this place. Not only place the people around this place are very helpful and have great gesture towards you.

We were four people and one kid. Our journey start from Satara. It take 5-6 hours to reach our destination.

We booked beach side resort. Its  name is Soham Resort. It has great sea view. If you need any help for searching resort or hotel you can click here and check tarkarli resorts

While traveling you can enjoy scenery of the road. It will be definitely road trip treat for you. Before reaching tarkarli, there is famous ghat which known as gaganbawda ghat

Gaganbawada offers you most scenic views of mighty mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Each season the view will be different and magnificent. The misty mountains and lush green hills of Gaganbawada are treat for the eyes. It’s serene and calm surroundings are a real delight.

Goa is only 3hrs drive from this place.

malvan is taluka which is situated in sindhudurg district and tarkarli is small village in malavan.

We were there for three days here are the details about our trip

Day 1 in tarkarli beach malvan –

First day we reached tarkarli around 3 pm. Our resort is near sea so we immediately went to enjoy beach.

After that we came back to our room and relaxed for some time. In evening we had tea and went to famous tarkarli beach for enjoy our remaining evening.

We came back around 8pm. we already took our lunch outside. In resort there is small kitchen so you can ask them to make food. they made special fish thali(surmai) for dinner. after dinner we went hanging around coconut trees. there are lots of relaxing swings. Enjoying sunset on beach.


Day 2 in tarkarli beach malvan –

We woke up in morning,took relaxing walk on beach. You can see lots of crabs coming out side. Its beautiful to see them.Then we took breakfast which was yummy modak and ghavan

. Next we went for water sports. you must go in morning for  water sports place because in afternoon there will be too much rush. We did lots of water sports. It started with paragliding. They took boat inside the sea and one by one we did parasailing . You must do this activity. it is most awesome thing. You feel like you’re flying in the sky.

Then there are other water sports like banana boat ride, bumper Ride, jet ski,


last water activity is scuba diving. I was very nervous for this but i did it .yuppy….

. Tarkarli is a beautiful beach with abundant underwater beauty such as coral reefs, exotics fishes, sea plants and much more to be explored through scuba diving. Scuba Diving experience in Malvan is a must as it adds a feather to the scenic beauty and mouth-watering cuisine that Malvan offers.

Then we went to main fish market and took surmai fish from there. We asked caretaker  to cook delicious malvani fish with ghavan for us.

Day 3 in tarkarli beach malvan –

This is our last day in tarkarli. We checked out after early breakfast and went to sindhidurg which is 5 kilo-meters from our resort.


Then we took boat to reach sindhu durg fort. It costs around 50 rupees per person. Sindhudurg fort which spreads over 44 acres on the Kurte island to the north of Tarkarli beach in Malvan is another must visit during a holiday in Tarkarli.

This is how we enjoy our trip

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