Sabudana khichdi or shabu khichadi

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sabudana khichdi


Sabudana khichdi is made from soak shabu. It is also known as shabu khichdi. Sabudana khichdi and its tempering is most commonly used food for fasting in Maharashtra. Here i am explaining khichdi. I will cover other related recipes in coming days. This is my favorite recipe. Many times even i used to fast just to enjoy khichdi and many kids do that.


shabu khichdi


This recipe does not require more efforts and worth trying and enjoy eating. We can prepare different recipes with it like shabu thalipith, shabu kheer, shabu vade, shabu papad, chakli. This is quick and easy maharashtrian breakfast recipe prepared at home during fast.

Step-by-step instructions with pictures immediately follow recipe.



Ingredients for shabu khichadi are sabudana, peanut powder, sliced potato, green chilies, cumin seeds, ghee, oil, almond, cashew, cilantro, salt, pinch of sugar, lemon.


ingredients sabudana khichdi


Wash 2 cup shabu. Drain water and soak it in 1cup of water. Soak it for overnight.


soaked sabudana


Take ½ tbsp of cumin seeds, 4 green chilly in mortar pestle and make rough paste. You can grind in mixer grinder.


make cumin and green chilly paste

Heat up 1 tbsp ghee and ½ tbsp oil in kadhai or pan.

add ghee


Temper with cumin seeds and chili paste.


add cumin chilly paste


Add potato slices and stir. Cover kadhai and let the potato cook on low heat. When potato slices cooked, add almonds, cashews and stir again…..


cook potato


Then add soak sabudana after cooking potatoes.


add sabudana


Add peanuts powder. (For peanut powder- roast peanuts and grind in mixer grinder) mix it well…….


add peanut powder


Now add salt to taste mix all thing together. Then add pinch of sugar and lemon juice mix nicely.


add salt to sabudana khichdi

add lemon


Cook for couple of minutes more and stir continuously to make sure that it will not stick in bottom. Sabudana khichadi is ready. Garnish with coconut,cilantro and serve with yogurt, milk, pickle.


shabu khichdi (2)

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