मराठी महिने/Marathi months

Marathi Month


Marathi months does not exactly match with English. There are time periods in English months which actually maps to Marathi months.

Here i provide some information about Marathi months. When i was in school teachers learned us these Marathi months but these day you can only see this information in one corner of Marathi calendar.


List of Months-


1)चैत्र -Chaitra- April to May

Chaitra begin with new moon. First month of year it celebrate with Gudi Padwa,its moth of springs and holi. This is first month of hindu calendar.


2)वैशाख-Vaishakh- May to June

Vaishakh is season of crop harvesting. Second month of hindu calendar.


3)ज्येष्ठ- Jeshta – June to July

Maharashtra celebrate vat purnima in this month. Third month of hindu calendar.


4)आषाठ/ आकाड- Ashad/akad- July to August

Gurupurnima and ashadi ekadashi celebrate in this month. Fourth month of hindu calendar.


5)श्रावण-Shravan – August to September

Celebrating Naagpanchimi and Narali purnima in this month. Fifth month of hindu calendar.


6)भाद्रपद-Bhadrapad- September to October

This is festive of Ganesh chaturthi which celebrate in  Maharashtra. Sixth month of hindu calendar.


7)आश्विन- Ashwin -October to November

Navratri, Durga puja, Kojagiri, Dasra, Diwali these all festival celebrate in ashwin month. Seventh month of hindu calendar.


8)कार्त्तिक -Kartik- November to December

Bhaubeej celerate in kartik month. Eighth month of hindu calendar.


9)मार्गशीर्ष – Margashirshya – Dec to January

Margashirsh Lakshmi puja means worship of godess lakshmi in this month. Ninth month of hindu calendar.


10)पौष/पुस – Paush/pus – Jan to February

Paush amavasya celebrate in this month. Tenth month of hindu calendar.


11)माघ – Maagh- February to March

Mahashivratri celebrate in this month. Where people worship lord Mahadev. And celebrating  Makar sankranti. Eleventh month of hindu calendar.


12)फाल्गुन – faalgun – March to April

This is last month in hindu calendar. Celebrate holi in this month. Twelve  month of hindu calendar.  

Post Author: Asmita Pawar-Gaikwad