Chicken biryani or Chickenchi akhani

  Chicken biryani or chicken chi akhani is the most simple recipe. It is delicious, simple and super quick, chicken chi akhani here akhani word used because this recipe is super quick and super easy. This recipe traditionally made in most of all  Maharashtrian muslim families while small functions. In Maharashtrian muslim family this recipe […]

Kombdi rassa (कोंबडी रस्सा) or chicken curry

  Chicken curry or kombdi rassa is most famous recipe in rural side of maharashtra. winter season is season of non veg food and chicken curry or kombdi rassa is the best option. It help to decrease your cold and cough as well as it is very healthy,mouth watering and delicious recipe.chicken curry or kombdi […]


Who does not like Chocolate cake? Everyone loves chocolate cake and if it is an easy, speedy recipe then everyone would definitely try it too. Cooker cake saves lots of time so i tried to put this speedy recipe with cooker for Chocolate cake.     Most simple and easy recipe to bake cake at home. […]

Mutton Rassa

  Mutton rassa or Tambda rass is authentic Maharashtrain food recipe. This mouth watering recipe little bit difficult but it very tasty to eat. In kohlapur side it is known as tambada rassa. This is one curry type which make with Mutton stock, some aromatic fresh spices, onion, ginger garlic paste and coconut. This recipe is […]

Chicken/Mutton Soup

Chicken and Mutton Soup are most recommended food for improving immunity and also fast relieving cure for many illnesses. Kids love chicken soup and it is also very healthy so moms also prefer it with no more thinking or cautions. Recipe for chicken soup and mutton recipe are almost similar. So i am trying to […]

सुक्का मटण (Sukha Mutton)

Sukha mutton is mouth watering authentic maharashtrian non vegetarian recipe. Sukha mutton with mutton rassa are very famous in faire season which starts around February and end in first week of June. In a village, on second day of faire, there is a tradition to call your friends and make them happy with this special recipe. Step-by-step instructions with […]

Prawns Curry / Malvani Kolambi

  Prawns curry or kolambi kalvan is authentic Maharashtrian recipe. Which is made with prawns and some spices. This is part of regular food in kokan/coastal  area. One can cook Kolambi in different types but this one is my favorite and also a must try once kind of recipe…     This recipe is very famous recipe in coastal area. It is […]