Monsoon tourist place in Maharashtra


Monsoon is wonderful season in India. here we explore some top monsoon tourist place in Maharashtra.  Maharashtra have lots of places to enjoy monsoon. so lets explore some top monsoon destinations,

Malshej ghat –

mashej ghat in monsoon (source)

malshej ghat is at its best in Monsoon. You are midst of clouds, dense fog , green valley, enjoy lots of water falls on the way. It is just amazing, it pouring rains of monsoon. A drive to marshes ghat is life time memory for each and every person.

Water fall in malshej ghat is known as malshej fall.

A nice view of Vally is major attraction here. View  from behind  MTDC resort is a must see. 

 During  monsoon season roads are covered with clouds so drive slowly. Avoid weekend because  in monsoon it is crowded. If you are going with family plan for weekdays and enjoy your monsoon. Don’t forget yours monsoon rain coat, sandals, umbrella and extra pairs of cloths.

There is only one resort MTDC. So if possible take your food with you.

Time to visit- July end, august, September is the best time top visit this place

Distance – from Pune – 117km – 2 to 3 hrs 

                   From mumbai – 127 km – 2 to 3 hrs


Lonavla and Khandala

This is one of the most famous hill station in India. Twin hill stations of Lonavla and khandala is surrounded by greenery. You can visit this place in any season but monsoon is very special. Weekend is fully crowded.

There are two water falls are famous 

Kune water fall-

This photo of Kune Waterfalls is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This water fall located right in the centre of  valley of khandala and Lonavla. It is among top 15 highest waterfalls of India.

Kataldhar waterfall –
kataldhar waterfall (source)

 This waterfall originates from rajmachi point at  ulnas valley. This place is about 6.5 km away from the main city area of Lonavla and is seasonal waterfall. these waterfalls are popular place for only experienced trekkers because climbing is quite risky with slippery rocks and sleeps terrain.

Kune and kataldhari waterfalls are two of the most dangerous waterfalls in that area as  region around them  becomes quite muddy and slippery. Their flow is also doubled in minutes during long bouts of rain because of that you need professionally trained guides are an essential element to travel through these terrains. But  scenic beauty is to die for, no pun intended, which attracts tourists from different part of  country. So get some trekking training before your visit this place so that you can take in  real  beauty of these terrains. 

Time to visit  – July end to September 

Distance –  From Pune – 70.5 km – 1 to 2 hrs 

                    From Mumbai –  86 km – 1 to 2 hrs 


Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani –



This is most popular hill station in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. It offers a fantastic panoramic view which is surrounding hills and valleys. Monsoons cover this area in thick vegetation, waterfalls and springs crop up. There is another hill station called Panchgani. 



If you plan for morning drive it will be treat for you. You can feel lots of clouds or fog on road chasing you, and green valleys.

Lingams waterfall is big attraction hehe as well as there is chinaman water fall and vajrai waterfall.

Time to visit – June to September 

                         you can visit this place at any time of the year 

Distance – From Pune – 120.4 km – 2-3 hrs 

                  From Mumbai – 264 km – 5 to 6 hrs

                  From Satara – 57.5 km – 1 and half hr


Thoseghar waterfall – 

Thoseghar  (source)

This waterfall is scenic spot locate near the small village of thosaghar. Which is 20km from satara city. People come all over the Maharashtra to visit this place. Especially during monsoon season. Area is calm and quiet with clean lake and dark woods in hilly area.

July to November heavy rain fall and because of that fall have more water.

Time to visit – July to November

Distance – From Mumbai – 282 km – 5 to 6 hrs

                  From Pune – 139km – 3 to 4 hrs

                  From Satara – 20 km – 40 mins

for more information visit my blog thoseghar waterfall and for see more picture from this place visit thoseghar photography page

Matheran – 

Matheran is smallest hills station in India. The unique thing about the pace is that there are no vehicles allowed. You can either walk or take a horse. This keeps the hill station inits pristine state.

Matheran received heavy rainfall. whole environment turns green. Its  pleasure to walking in heavy rains enjoying monsoon

But most of hotels closed during this season because it is not tourist season. Also toy train is not operating during mosoon.

Time to visit – July to November for enjoying monsoon.

                        But winter is peak season of this place.

Distance – from Mumbai –  81 km – 2 hrs 

                  From Pune – 119 km – 2 to 3 hrs

Ozarde waterfall – 


This place very close to my heart. Because Patan, District – satara is my home town and this place is only 30 km from there so we oftenly visit this place in monsoon.

Ozarde waterfall is located in koyana wildlife sanctuary of Satara district near Koyana Dam. Surrounded by thick forests, it is an ideal destination for a day- long picnic. 

One has to go through a small half hour trek right in the heart of the jungle amidst dense trees and undergrowth. After this beautiful scenery trek finally you rich to the giant water fall.

For taking they made steps which take you near waterfall.

You can also explore dhareshwar temple, koyna dam, Nehru park.
Time to visit – June to November 

Distance – From Mumbai – 347 km – 6 to 7 hrs

                  From Pune – 204 km – 4 to 5 hrs

                  From Satara – 91-8 – 1 to 2 hrs

Kalasubai peak – 


kalsubai peak (source)

The highest peak in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. Kalsubai peak is a great monsoon getaway near Mumbai or Pune. It has temple at the top and offer a magnificent view of the backwater of bhandardara.randha falls 10 km from bhandardhara

An ideal place for trekkers and also for the beginners. Carry your own food, wear proper trekking shoes.

This place is like heaven on earth. And don’t forget to eat pakodas in that weather just when you are few minutes apart to reach the peak .You will find pakoda vendor at that height too!! Be ready for a slippery ride while climbing down in the monsoon s umbrella falls in bhandardhara chinaman falls.

Time to visit  – July to November.

                          You can visit this place at any time of the year

Distance – From Mumbai – 153 km –  3 to 4 hrs.

                  From Pune – 180 km – 5 to 6 hrs.

Lohagad fort – 

lohgad in monsoon (source)

Lohagad fort is situated in Lonavala Pun. Which is  arround 50-60 Kms from Pune city, situated on Mumbai Pune highway. 

Lohagad makes an ideal trekking destination for trekkers from Pune and Mumbai.

Because of its accesibility, ease of the trek and lush green surroundings. There are stair all the way top top of Lohagad. So people with young children can go all the way to top easily. 

You can see Pavana dam from the top of it.  You can also visit Baja caves are near from this place. 

In monsoon the fort is covered in various shades of green making it sight to behold.

Time to visit  – July to November

Distance – From Mumbai – 98 km –  2 to 3 hrs.

                  From Pune – 64.2 km – 1 to 2 hrs.

Devkund waterfall –

devkund (source)

This waterfall is located near Bhira, in Raigad district, India.Devkund waterfall is a virgin place with clear water. It is three-hour trek from base village along the dam backwater and through forest to reach  this place known as ‘Devkund’. A major part of trek goes through some semi-dried forests with the river running parallel and sometimes crisscrossing through the rout. A guid is required to be taken during the trek as there is dense forest around.

During the monsoon the water volume increases very quickly due to the design of the hills, so it is unsafe too see waterfall.

Time to visit – July to November 

Distance –  From Mumbai – 124.6 km – 2 to 3 hrs

                   From Pune – 102 km – 2 to 3 hrs 

Marleshwar waterfall –


Marleshwar waterfall is located in marleshwar of ratnagiri district. There is small Shiva Temple it takes one and a half hours to reach by road. you can reach temple  by climbing approximately 300-400 steps. Which are line with refreshment stalls. To keep the climbing pilgrims refreshed. 

The Shiva Temple is situated inside the cave.

There is big waterfall which is too a drawing card for Marleshwar. This waterfall originates from the river Bav. This  waterfall also known as Dhareshwar.

From the temple of lord shiva you can also see mountains of Sahyadris. This place is a real place of tranquility to visit during monsoon.

Time to visit – July to November 

Distance –  From Mumbai – 342.4 km – 7 to 8 hrs

                   From Pune – 265 km – 5 to 6 hrs 

                   From Ratnagiri – 62.6 km – 1 to 2 hrs

Mulshi dam –



Mulshi dam is ideal place to visit during g monsoon. It is only 3 hrs drive from mumbai. The dam build on the Mula river is a major electricity generator for Maharashtra. 

Mulshi dam and the surrounding are full of natural Beat. Which includes dam, a hilly  region of Sahyadris deep forests and forts like  Dhangad and Koraigadh.

In the peak monsoon season, the dam flows in full force and there is a deep fog in region making it feel like walking in the clouds. 

Time to visit – July to November 

Distance –  From Mumbai – 164 km – 2 to 3 hrs

                   From Pune – 40.5 km – 1 to 2 hrs 

Some other places visit monsoon









Amboli, sindhudurg



Lingmala waterfall 

Lavasa city

Devkund waterfall

Varandha ghat


Sandhan Valley 

Tamhani ghat 

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