Mumbai is Newyork / London of India. Go anywhere in world and if you ask about India, first two things people say are bollywood and Mumbai. Mumbai is capitol of Maharashtra and more than that it is financial capital of India. British developed Mumbai city to become financial center and post-independence Indians nurtured it more. International airport, stock exchange, seashore, metro, high-rises, all type of food, movies, sports…you ask and you will get it here. All big industrial players like Reliance, Tata, Birla, and ICICI built their headquarters here. City hosts all international embassies from long time. Mumbai is entry point to India from old days and that story even continues till now. I will take you through different places which one must visit in Mumbai.

Gateway Of India and Elephanta Caves

This is top attraction of Mumbai. British built it in 20th Century. It can accommodate 2000 tourists at a time. It is also starting point for Elephanta Caves boat rides. This ride is of 50 minutes. Gharapuri hosts this caves from 1534. Main attraction for caves are Main cave, west wing, east wing and various stories and murties carved of lord Shiva and Parvati.

Shree Siddhivinayak Mandir and Mahalaxmi Mandir

Shree Siddhivinayak temple is Ganapati temple. Prabhadevi are is mainly famous due to this temple. Old temple was built in 18th century. In single black stone a great artist carved first idol. Two of devotees were blessed with assyssinian, that is reason its name has Siddhi as prefix. This temple is also famous for its wealth and more than that social causes done by temple trust for poor and needy.

Mahalaxmi temple is also a famous Hindu temple built in 18th century. Mahalaxmi is form of Adi shakti Parvati who is spouse of lord Shiva.Complete details about temple and history of Adi shakti can be found at

Nariman Point and Marine Drive

Under leadership of Kurshed nariman, mumbai corporation claimed this are from sea and built Nariman Point. Once it was one of most expensive residential and office rental place in world. But now as businesses and residential area is moving towards suburb, it went down a bit.

Other Attractions

Juhu Chowpaty and close by beaches

Haji Ali Mosque

Water Kingdom

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal


Post Author: Asmita Pawar-Gaikwad