Vat Purnima


Vat Purnima or wat Purnima is festival which celebrates in MAHARASHTRA.
On day of Vat Purnima, married women observer a fast and pray for long life, prosperity of their husband by tying thread around banyan trees or wat.
During Vat Purnima pooja women worship banyan (vat) tree, and listen story of SATYAVAN-SAVITRI in group.
After this women can offer prayer and worship.
Then women gives water, milk to trees keep Mangoes in front of vat(banyan) trees, sprinkle Haldi kumkum on tree and wrap cotton thread around tree’s trunk.
Then they go seven time around the tree to which called parikrama.
It honors SAVITRI, the legendary wife who rescued her husband souls from YAMA.
Celebration is derived from the story of SAVITRI and SATYAVAN.

Story about Vat purnima

It had been foretold that SATYAVAN would not be live for long. One day while resting in lap of SAVITRI, SATYAVAN suddenly died. Yamas Messenger came to take SATYAVAN ,but SAVITRI refused to give her beloved husband, then YAMA himself appeared and insist to give her husband.
Since, she still adamant Yama offer her boon(वरदान), she asked to well being of her In-laws. He granted her. She then followed him as he took’s SATYAVANs body away. He then offered her another boon. She now asked to well being of her parents. This boon,too granted. After that she continued to follow him. They rich to Yama Sadan(abode), he offered her final boon, Now she asked for SON. He granted. She asked Yama how this possible to begets sons without Her husband. Yama realize the great devotion SAVITRI had for her husband.Yama is impressed and had to return her husband soul in his body. Henceforth,world is recognized SAVITRI as SATI-SAVITRI . On the day of vat SAVITRI women hold fast pray for husband safety in the same way SAVITRI did. And it was most of in its same matter.

Post Author: Asmita Pawar-Gaikwad