Popsicle or गारे गार in three flavour

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Popsicle or गारे गार is one of the most famous things from my childhood. Summer time is vacation time. So that time we wondering around roads and must have ate so call unhygienic things like Popsicle’s (गारेगार), Pepsi, cotton candy, kulfi. It revives the old time of my childhood. Being kid everyone had memories of their childhood.

So today I am presenting homemade Popsicle recipe

Here I am going to make 3 flavors of Pops –  kokum, watermelon, orange. You can also make Pops with mango, pomegranates, strawberry, blueberry, lemon which fruit easily available you can prepare with that fruit with same recipe. While making pomegranates popsicle make lemon juice and add in pomegranates so that taste really very good. also for mango popsicle don’t use milk if you need then add water and sugar.



Kids love these pops. And instead of buying artificial flavor ice pops from market it is Better to make these simple pops at home. In summer time these ice Pops can do wonders to kids. And because its easy to make you can make it with less efforts.

Step-by-step instructions with pictures immediately follow recipe.




First of all we need ingredients for kokum Popsicle’s 2 spoon kokum syrup (this syrup have salt sugar in it )and 1 cup Water. For watermelon Popsicle’s  1 cup small cubes of watermelon, 1 tbsp sugar, Pinch of salt. For orange Pops 1 cup orange,1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 cup of water.



 kokum Pops

First of all take 2 table spoon of kokum syrup in mixing bowl



Add 1 cup of water so that hokum syrup become watery and then mix well. Because, this kokum syrup have sugar, salt. so we did not extra sugar,salt.  In India most of kokum syrup does not contain any sugar or salt and if you need you can add sugar, pinch of salt in syrup, finally you can make kokum juice.



 Watermelon Pops

So for making watermelon pops we first take 1 cup of watermelon cubes



and grind it in grinder



add 1 tbsp of sugar and pinch of salt so that it taste little bit khatta mitha



grind  it in fine juice so that we can use for pops ice candy


Orange Popsicle

So first take 1 cup of juicy orange



and add it in grinder then add 1tbsp of sugar 1/2 cup of water so that it become more juicy and finally grind it



Strain juice with help of strainer so that juice come out clearly.



and finally add kokum juice, watermelon juice and orange juice in Popsicle’s mold.



And finally cover all molds and keep it in deep freezer for 4 hours or you can also whole night. So that popsicle becomes hard as we needed and after 4 hrs remove pops from mold and enjoy your Popsicle.



If you don’t like sugar and salt you can either skip that step or add sugar, salt



If Pops doesn’t come out of the mold easily you may deep the cold mold in warm water for few seconds to have them come out easily because of warm water it come easily out but remember that not more than few seconds.




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