Jejuri temple is lord kandobas temple. Khandoba is presiding deity of Maharashtra. The temple is located in jejuri, around 51km from Pune and roads are pretty well maintained. Jejuri is the most revered pilgrimage destination in Maharashtra.

As per the tradition, newly married couple has to visit this place in the first two to three days after marriage, also as part husband carry his wife on steps and then worship lord khandoba

Jejuri temple is easily divided in to two separate sections mandap and gabara



When you enter inside the mandap section you can see lots of deepstambh, Demon manis big statue and lots of turmeric all over the temple which is known as bhandara.

Jejuri temple is big fort which is beautiful situated on top of the hills, so whenever you rich near that place you can easily see temple

Khandoba/martanda Bhairava or malhara is a hindu deity worshiped as a manifestation of shiva especially in the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana. He is most famous kuldaivat in Maharashtra.

The name khandoba comes from the word khandaga means sword, the weapon used by khandoba to kill the demons, ba means father.




Stories about jejuri

According to Malhar mahatma, the battle between khandoba and the edemons called as mani and Malla. This  is the primary story behind birth of lord Malhar martand.

The tale says that, the demon brothers named Malla and mani were created a havoc in the world. As they have got boon from lord brahma. All gods got annoyed by them but were not able to kill them. So they request lord shiva to destroy them. It is t then kandoba the form of lord shiva was born.



Finally, mani and Malla were killed in the battle but while dying malla asked for forgiveness by offering his white horse to khandoba and gained a boon to be in every shrine of martanda bhairava.

In fact, the name malhari or mallar comes from the word malla and Ari means destroying of malla.





Khandoba have wives who are women’s in different communities. who serve as cultural link between the god and the communities. He has two wives, mhalsa avatar of Devi parvati.  Banu/banai/bani which is avatar of ganga being the most important. While Khandobas first wife is from heigh cast lingayat merchant (vani) community. While his second wife from dhanagar(shepherd cast).

Mhalasa has had regular ritual marriage with Khandoba. While other hand, banai have love marriage with god.



Mhalsa was born as the daughter of a rich merchant in Newase called Tirmarsheth. On the divine orders of Khandoba in a dream to Tirmarsheth. she was married to Khandoba on Pausha Pournima(the full moon day of Hindu calendar month of Paush) in Pali(Pembar). Two shivlingas appeared on this occasion. An annual festival marking this event is celebrated in Pali every Paush Pournima.

Banai is believed to the daughter of Indra, the king of the gods. Banai was found by Dhangar shepherd. when she was abandoned on earth by an angry Indra. When Banai grew up, it was predicted that she would get her match at Jejuri. There, she felt in love with God Khandoba. Khandoba also fell in her love.


How to reach jejuri

Jejuri is around 51 km from Pune.

When you rich at jejuri they will take parking charge

If it is summer time wear your shoes chappals until you rich on jejuri temple, there is a chappal stand right at the top of hill. There are also lots of shops.



The commonly visited new khandoba mandir is around 250 steps high and a person with normal fitness should climbs it in 30 to 40 mins.

Palakhi is available for elderly person.

There is way from back side of temple newly builded which does not have too much steps


if possible don’t visit temple on weekend because weekends are pretty crowded. The normal queue would have taken around 3 hrs so get pass which is available for 50 rupees and you can get inside within hour.




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