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how to make puran poli

Puran poli is authentic Maharashtrain recipe. Which is a dessert served during auspicious occasions and durring importent festivals such as  gudi padwa, bendur, panchimi, sankranti, gauri ganapati, akshaytritiya, holi, vatpurnima, nagpanchimi, dasra in Maharashtra.

It resembles a roti, but not same as roti . The method of preparation varies from place to place. Sometime grated coconut add with jaggery in kokan side.  You can add sugar instead of jaggery as sweetening agent.

Puran poli is traditionally served with warm milk with sugar and ghee.

Step-by-step instructions with pictures immediately follow recipe.



For making puran poli we need chana daal, jaggery, wheat flour, cardamom powder, turmeric powder, oil,also salt for taste.


Ingredients for puran poli


First of all, wash chana daal thoroughly, and then add 2 and ½ cup of water in chana Dal…….


wash chana daal


Now finally add turmeric powder and salt to taste……


add turmeric and salt in chana daal


Pressures cook for 4 whistles and then Turn off heat. Next let the pressure cooker cool down completely……


pressure cook rice

Now open pressure cooker, strain the cooked chana dal and reserve the water.This water can be used to make Yelavani or katachi Amati. Remove water from daal. Then add this daal into a deep pan.


remove water


Add jaggery in it and let this mixture cook over medium heat. Jaggery will melt and mixture becomes thin in consistency……


add jaggery puran poli


Keep stirring over medium heat until mixture become thick. Add cardamom powder and mix…..


chana daal puran poli


Don’t let the mixture stick to the bottom of pan. We are going to use this mixture as stuffing while making puran poli. When mixture become thick, remove pan from heat. Let this mixture cool down. Grind it finely in Puran Maker (puran yantra) or in mixer…..


make puran for poli


Take wheat flour and add 5 to 6 tbsp oil and mix well. Now add water and make very smooth consistency dough. Knead the dough until it becomes little bit soften than regular dough. Put this dough into a bowl and cover it with lid so it will remain soft. Make 1 to 2 inch balls for the stuffing.


make small ball of puran


Also make 1/2 inch balls of the dough same like roti ball. Grease your fingertips so dough did not stick and spread one dough ball gently to as a small round disc. And put one stuffing ball on it. Spread the dough gently over the stuffing’s surface with fingers and cover the stuffing.


stuff puran poli


Uses dry wheat flour to roll the roti, you can also use all purpose flour.


roll puran poli


Heat the pan, and place rolled roti in the center and roast on both sides over medium heat….


puran poli (2)
Put some oil on both side of Puran Poli or you can also use ghee.


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