Kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati)

kurneshwar (khinditla ganapati)


Satara is the historical city from Maharashtra state. It is locate in Satara district. Today I am exploring one of the most beautiful part in Satara which is Kurneswhar (Khinditala ganapati). After parking vehicle near welcome board, you can come down from the stairs. You are first greeted by lots of banyan trees covering walking path from both sides.



These Kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati) temples are dedicated to lord Ganesha and lord Shiva. These temples are located on the way of Sajjangadh. Green trees and beautiful flower trees surround these temples. If you want piece of mind, you must visit this place. Kurneshwar is gram daivat of Satara. At end you are visit Ganesha temple which is also known as khinditla Ganapati.


Once you take blessings from Lord Ganesha, you can start walking further downwards toward Kurneshwar temple.

You will also see lord Maruti temple too on the way.



Kurneshwar temple is famous for lord shiva. On return route from back side of the Kurneshwar temple, you can see different type of flowers including lotus and all kind of wild flower.



This area is also very peaceful and feels like Mother Nature is giving you blessings along with other gods. So do not miss to seat and enjoy it for sometime. Once you see beautiful flowers lots of lotus you will start returning.

On way back on left side of lord Ganesha temple, you will see lots of ducks, small bunnies and peacocks.



All ages of peoples visit this and local one do not miss a single week to visit. Some people visit for taking blessings while some for peace of mind. But kids mainly visit for watching cute animals and birds. It is also a very walking path between tunnel and temple.


When we went there, that time was Diwali time so we can take these fort pics. Making such models of well known Shivaji Maharaj owned fort is a tradition in Maharastra around Diwali time.


How to reach this kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati) ??

Kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati) is 4.4 km from Satara bus stand. Best option is to go with your own vehicle. From Satara bus stand, it take 11-12 mins. You go towards Powai Naka first. From there towards tunnel which will avoid most of city traffic for you. you are reaching from Samarth mandir, there is straight road for kurneshwar or khinditla ganapati.

If you are coming from Highway then you can also enter from Shendre side which will also take similar or lesser time as there will be no traffic. you are planning to visit by public transport, you can take city bus from Satara bus stand to Rajwada bus stand. From there you can take bus for Sajjangad or bamnoli and get down after tunnel. It will be 10 mins walk from there.
On the way to kurneshwar or khinditla Ganapati you will pass through the tunnel after passing tunnel take left. And you can reach to the temple within 7-9 mins.

You can see this beautiful view of Satara from close to Kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati)

kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati)

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