Kolhapur city

Kolhapur is popular,rich and dynamic city. It is located at south west side of Maharashtra. Kolhapur has cultural and political importance in Maharashtra. Also it gives boost to Maharashtra economy too. It is situated at bank of Panchaganga river.

It is well known for non veg, Saaj(Necklace), Jaggery, Kolhapuri Chappal and wrestling. Also people from this district are considered most friendly, honest and strong in Maharashtra. With long term vision, Chatrapati Shahu maharaj built many dams, lakes and also planted trees. This is reason why even in critical water shortage this district never faces a problem. Most of people from this district are mainly dependent on farming and earn good money from it.

Jotiba Temple and Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur

Devotees from all over India visit these two temples. Mahalaxmi is one of the sixth abodes of shakti and one can achieve both fulfillment of desire as well as salvation from her. Jotiba is a form of Shiva. This temple is near Wadi Ratnagiri, close to Kolhapur. Jotiba is also family deity for major part of Maratha.

Mahalaxmi Jotiba kolhapur

Rankala Lake

This is very famous lake in center of Kolhapur. It is also famous for evening snacks. Its a also must place to visit if you are in this city. If you visit early morning, you will be able to locate many type of birds here. Kolhapur local residents prefer to take a morning walk around here and have misal pav with tea before leaving for home.

Panhala Fort

Panhala fort situate at 20 km from Kolhapur. It is very famous for Bajiprabhu’s Pavan khind fight. This fort is situated at a strategic location. Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj used to keep watch on south enemies. This is also a very scenic place to visit.

Shivaji UniversityShivaji University Kolhapur Shivaji University

Shivaji university provide various graduate and post-graduate level programs. It includes engineering, medical, science, arts, commerce, agriculture etc. Local districts for this university are Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur and Solapur. They capture 70% or more allocation .

Famous Hotels for Misal Pav, Tambda Rassa, Pandhra Rassa

Below are different non-veg restaurants in and near Kolhapur

This is authentic non-veg food which include non-veg thali. This thali includes pandhra rassa, tambda rassa, kolhapuri chicken/mutton curry, Jwar bhakri etc. Location for this restaurant is Ayodhya park. They also serve solkadhi with it which is good for digestion.

Patolewadi is famous due to this place. It serves non-veg thali which includes authentic kolhapuri chicken and mutton curries, Jwar bhakri, tambda rassa, pandhra rassa and solkadi.

Below are different Misal pav places in and near Kolhapur.

Khasbaug Misal
Khasbaug restling ground and Misal opposite to it can be one of stop no misses from film star to common people passing through this area.

Aahar Misal
Ahar misal is located in Mangalwar peth and also famous for the tea served here.

Bawada Misal
Kasaba-Bawada is also famous due to this place. This is also oldest Misal selling point in Kolhapur.

Chorage Misal
Its location is near Mahalaxmi temple so most of people visiting Mahalaxmi temple also visit this place.

Phadtare Misal
Location for this place is Udyamnagar area.

Other Attraction Nearby

Radhanagari Dam

Narsoba wadi

Gagan bawda

Bahu bali

Gagangiri Maharaj Math

Dajipur Bison Sanctuary


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