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Ready To Eat Spicy Corn


Spicy corn is yummy easy recipe. In India all places starting from west to east or north to south, you will see different forms of spicy corns. I tried to put together commonly one available in west side of Maharashtra from where i belong. If you see list of ingredients required for spicy corns, you will get to know that they are easily available and less costly too. This is simple and easy recipe using less spices. Here i use red chili powder and salt to increase flavor of corns. You can add butter, chat masala etc. and made your spicy corns.

There are different kind of corn recipe, such as some people like to roast whole corn and squeeze lemon, add chat masala, salt. Some people boil corns in salted water these are some types which recipe i will cover later.  If you are in Pune, always remember to go to Laxmi road for eating a different flavor of this recipe near famous Jai hind collection store.

Step-by-step instructions with pictures immediately follow recipe


For making spicy corn we need ingredients some oil ,red chilly powder,corns, lemon and salt.


Spicy Corn Ingredients

First heat up 1 tbsp of oil in kadhai or pan……


Boil Vegetable Oil


Make sure oil is become hot then add 2 cups of corn in kadhai for roasting. And start to stir corns.Stir occasionally.


Add Corn to Oil


Cook corns for 10 – 12 minutes. Until  corns start to become brownish in color stir it……


Spicy Corn fryFry Till Become little reddish


When corns start to become brownish in color, add 1 tbsp of chilly powder and salt to taste.


Add Chilli to Corn
Add Salt post Chilli


Stir well it takes two to three minutes,now take all corns in a bowl and squeeze lemon on it .


Mix Lemon to preparation


Spicy corns are ready to eat.


Spicy Corn (2)


Enjoy with tea as evening snacks.


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Post Author: Asmita Pawar-Gaikwad