Jejuri temple is lord kandobas temple. Khandoba is presiding deity of Maharashtra. The temple is located in jejuri, around 51km from Pune and roads are pretty well maintained. Jejuri is the most revered pilgrimage destination in Maharashtra. As per the tradition, newly married couple has to visit this place in the first two to […]

Shri Shankar aarti – Marathi and English

lord shiva is also known as Mahadev, Shankar, bholenath. This is an aarti in Marathi language. In which praise lord shiva or Shankar or mahadev. Shankar is the destroyer out of the hindu divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or the creator. the protestor, or the destroyer. lavthavti vikrala is one of the most […]

Gudi Padwa – hindu new year

Gudi Padwa is a Hindu festival celebrate on the first day of the Chaitra month according to the Hindu calendar. This auspicious festival marks the New Year for all Maharashtrians and Hindu Konkanis and is widely celebrated in India.  So that the term ‘Padava’ is derived from Sanskrit word, ‘Pratipada’, which means the first day […]

Shravan Somvar or Shravan month

  Shravan Mahina is one of the holiest and most auspicious months in whole year. This month is dedicated to Lords – Shivshankar and millions of Shiva devotees visit various SHIVLING and offer water, milk and belpatra (Bilva leaves). Mondays in Shravan month are considered highly auspicious to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. In Maharashtra, Karnataka, […]

Maruti Stotra

 Maruti stotra is composed by shri Ramdas swami. He was great saint and poet from Maharashtra. He also compose manache shlok. Maruti, is also known as Hanuman, Bajarangbali. Complete stotra is listed below. Maruti Stotra Bhimrupi maharudra vajra hanuman maruti | vanari anjanisuta, ramduta prabhanjana ||1|| Mahabali prandata, sakala uthavi bale| saukhyakari shokhanta, dhurt vaishnav […]


  Vat Purnima or wat Purnima is festival which celebrates in MAHARASHTRA. On day of Vat Purnima, married women observer a fast and pray for long life, prosperity of their husband by tying thread around banyan trees or wat. During Vat Purnima pooja women worship banyan (vat) tree, and listen story of SATYAVAN-SAVITRI in group. […]

Sai baba 11 vachane

Shirdi sai baba is Indian spiritual master who was regarded by his devotee as sant in Maharashtra. He was revered both his Hindu and Muslim devotees. Saibaba worshiped by around the world. He taught a moral code of love, happiness, forgiveness, helping others, charities, inner pice and devotion of God or Guru. Sai baba’s dressed very […]

Ganapati Aarti

Lord Ganesha is also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka. As a god of beginning, he is honored at start of ritual ceremonies. Lord Ganpati is also invoked as patron of letter and learning during writing session. In India including Maharashtra Lord Ganpati is aradhya  daivat. Sukhkarta dukhharta varta vighnachi I Nurvi purvi prem kripa jayachi I Sarvangi […]

Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra

निःशंक हो, निर्भय हो, मना रे प्रचंड स्वामीबळ पाठीशी रे अतर्क्य अवधूत हे स्मर्तू गामी अशक्यही शक्य करतील स्वामी ।।१।। जिथे स्वामी पाय तिथे न्युन काय स्वये भक्त प्रारब्ध घडवी ही माय आज्ञेविणा काळ ना नेई त्याला परलोकही ना भिती तयाला ।।२।। उगाची भितोसी भय पळू दे जवळी उभी स्वामी शक्ती कळू दे जगी जन्ममृत्यु […]