Katachi amti or Yelavani amti

  Katachi amti or yelavani or polyachi amti is authentic maharashtrian curry which is make with puran poli. Katachi amti or yelavani make from boiled chana dal stock. this curry make from maharashtrian spices. Specially, with kanda lasun chitin if that is not available you can use red chilly powder and garam masala.     […]

Popsicle or गारे गार in three flavour

  Popsicle or गारे गार is one of the most famous things from my childhood. Summer time is vacation time. So that time we wondering around roads and must have ate so call unhygienic things like Popsicle’s (गारेगार), Pepsi, cotton candy, kulfi. It revives the old time of my childhood. Being kid everyone had memories […]

Kothimbir vadi – authentic maharashtrian recipe

Kothimbir vadi is one of most famous authentic Maharashtrian snack. There are different recipes for making kothimbir vadi. I share recipe which I learned from my mother. This is simple and easy recipe to make. You can enjoy this snack with evening tea. Kothimbir means Coriander. Nice and crispy fritters prepared with abundant of fresh coriander […]

Kandi pedhe or satara kandi pedhe

  I am satarkar and today we learn famous recipe from satara which is Kandi pedhe. Kandi pedha is round, smooth texture authentic Maharashtraian sweet which is from Satara in western Maharashtra. This is most simple recipe you ever see for making Satara kandi pedhe. All Satarkar and even in Maharashtra Kandhi pedhe are distributed […]

Sabudana khichdi or shabu khichadi

  Sabudana khichdi is made from soak shabu. It is also known as shabu khichdi. Sabudana khichdi and its tempering is most commonly used food for fasting in Maharashtra. Here i am explaining khichdi. I will cover other related recipes in coming days. This is my favorite recipe. Many times even i used to fast just to […]

Spinach rice

Spinach rice is easy and healthy recipe. Spinach rice one of my kids favorite recipe. Usually my kid hates to eat spinach but with this recipe he eat spinach and he doesn’t know it. I use pressure cooker for cooking rice, so it decrease cooking time. For preparation of spinach rice, it takes little bit time which […]