Varanfal or chakolya recipe

    Chakolya or varanfal is Maharashtrian recipe making from toor dal and wheat flour. It’s like pasta and it have several names like varanfal, chakolya, daal dhokli. It’s really very delicious and healthy recipe with lots of proteins. Chakolya is very Maharashtra‘s local recipe. Chakolya is also known as varanfal. But i definitely recommend whoever […]

Dasra – Ghatsthapna

Dasra is celebrated across India in different forms. In MAHARASHTRA,on the first day of month of Ashwin, Dasra/Ghatasthapana is celebrated. An earthen pot is filled with water. Surrounded by clay in which food grains are sown. And are allowed to sprout for nine days. Five stems of jawar are also placed over the pot. This […]


Maharashtra is the wealthiest state in India. Maharashtra is also second most populous state and third largest state by area. It is a state in the western region of India. It is very well known in world due to leading India in different fields and how can someone forget Mumbai. मंगल देशा, पवित्र देशा, महाराष्ट्र देशा […]

Konkan or kokan

Konkan is Maharashtra’s rich coastal area which consists of six districts including Mumbai city. Mumbai is also capitol of Maharashtra and also financial capitol of India. Six districts under Konkan are as below. Districts under Konkan Mumbai city, Mumbai suburban, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Thane Sindhudurg. I already described Mumbai as part of cities as it is mostly considered for its […]