Sabudana khichdi or shabu khichadi

  Sabudana khichdi is made from soak shabu. It is also known as shabu khichdi. Sabudana khichdi and its tempering is most commonly used food for fasting in Maharashtra. Here i am explaining khichdi. I will cover other related recipes in coming days. This is my favorite recipe. Many times even i used to fast just to […]

Spinach rice

Spinach rice is easy and healthy recipe. Spinach rice one of my kids favorite recipe. Usually my kid hates to eat spinach but with this recipe he eat spinach and he doesn’t know it. I use pressure cooker for cooking rice, so it decrease cooking time. For preparation of spinach rice, it takes little bit time which […]


Who does not like Chocolate cake? Everyone loves chocolate cake and if it is an easy, speedy recipe then everyone would definitely try it too. Cooker cake saves lots of time so i tried to put this speedy recipe with cooker for Chocolate cake.     Most simple and easy recipe to bake cake at home. […]

Aamras or amras

  Summer is season of Mangoes. In Maharashtra we made different recipes with mangoes, AAMRAS is one of authentic Maharashtrain recipe which is Made from mango pulp this is one of the most popular recipe. Aamras or amras is pulp of tropical fruit mango eaten in India.The pulp of a ripe fruit is extracted usually […]


  Sandge is famous Maharashtra vegetarian recipe. Which also needs good amount efforts. Summer time is great time to make this recipe. Which can be useful for rainy season. But there is no as such restriction when you can make it other than having enough sun light to dry. Ladies from Maharashtra make different kinds […]

Spicy Corns

    Spicy corn is yummy easy recipe. In India all places starting from west to east or north to south, you will see different forms of spicy corns. I tried to put together commonly one available in west side of Maharashtra from where i belong. If you see list of ingredients required for spicy […]

Instant Jalebi

Jalebi is most popular sweet from Indian cosine. Jalebi made throughout India. It is traditional sweet dish which is impotent part of lots of festival and celebration. Especially in wedding ceremony, Independent days, republic day. It made from all purpose flour which fried in oil and soak in sugar syrup. Here i made instant recipe […]