Thoseghar photography

Thoseghar is great place for photography. If you love to capture nature picture you must go there. We went there on 1st September. And it was awesome experience.



Thoseghar photography

We started from satara so it take half hour to rich thoseghar. Driving from satara to thoseghar was heavenly experience for me.

when we went there was heavily raining and lots of fog on road so drive carefully though the road.

whenever rain stop we come out of car and take pictures of scenery.

you can see Sahyadri mountain which is covered with greenery. fog covered some area of mountain its feel like cloud sitting on mountain. Nature was its best.

thoseghar photography

when we went further ahead there was baboons who seat in group.

we stop our car and take some pictures of them.

from there we came ahead and on the way of thoseghar we saw some windmills which are lined up.

from thoseghar you can go chalkewadi where you can see thousands of windmills.

next stop was beautifulest view from we can see river and green nature blue sky. this place is treat for your eyes.

I take lots of pictures of peoples, nature, animals. finally we rich to the main point waterfall. there is small parking lots out of  entrance gate they will charge you 20 rupees for parking and 20 rupees entrance fee per person. You need id proof for entry.

they build concrete road and steps which go though middle of the forest. lots of people come here for bird photography.

there are two ways from entrance gate one go to the main waterfall and another go to the small waterfall and cave.

enjoy your photography. for more information click on this link thoseghar waterfall

and finally don’t forget to take your camera bags , umbrella and some plastic bags to protect your camera.




Post Author: Asmita Pawar-Gaikwad