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RecipesIn Maharashtra there are different kinds of recipes in different regions. I will try to introduce some cuisines.  In every culture. There is different food, different taste all over India. In Maharashtra there are 5 regions and each region has its own taste. Right now we will  add different yummy recipes without categorizing them.

Vegetarian recipec

In veggie page contains delicious vegetarian cuisines from Maharashtra.Which made from vegetables, fruits. There are lots of vegetarian cuisines available in India.

Here I cover some vegetarian cuisine. Including some veg rice, Bhaaji, curries, traditional veg cuisine.

Lots of India peoples are vegetarian. India has worlds largest number of vegetarian. Many communities in India have always been vegetarian.

  1. Puran Poli
  2. Thalipith
  3. ChamCham
  4. Sheera
  5. Karanji
  6. Upvasachi Khichdi

Non -Vegetarian

Here is list of all mouth watering and some time eyes watering. Non-vegetarian cuisines from Maharashtra.

  1. Pomfret Fry
  2. Sol Kadhi
  3. Chicken Gravy
  4. Pandhra Rassa
  5. Anda Biryani

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