Kurneshwar (khinditala ganapati)

  Satara is the historical city from Maharashtra state. It is locate in Satara district. Today I am exploring one of the most beautiful part in Satara which is Kurneswhar (Khinditala ganapati). After parking vehicle near welcome board, you can come down from the stairs. You are first greeted by lots of banyan trees covering walking path […]

Poha chivda or chiwda diwali recipe

  Today’s our recipe is thick poha chivda or chiwda. There are different types of chivda recipes, but this  poha chivda one is simplest recipe i ever learn from my sister. We usually make each year and also made chiwda in large quantity this time. Chiwda is one of not to be missed recipe in […]

Katachi amti or Yelavani amti

  Katachi amti or yelavani or polyachi amti is authentic maharashtrian curry which is make with puran poli. Katachi amti or yelavani make from boiled chana dal stock. this curry make from maharashtrian spices. Specially, with kanda lasun chitin if that is not available you can use red chilly powder and garam masala.     […]

Chicken biryani or Chickenchi akhani

  Chicken biryani or chicken chi akhani is the most simple recipe. It is delicious, simple and super quick, chicken chi akhani here akhani word used because this recipe is super quick and super easy. This recipe traditionally made in most of all  Maharashtrian muslim families while small functions. In Maharashtrian muslim family this recipe […]

Kothimbir vadi – authentic maharashtrian recipe

Kothimbir vadi is one of most famous authentic Maharashtrian snack. There are different recipes for making kothimbir vadi. I share recipe which I learned from my mother. This is simple and easy recipe to make. You can enjoy this snack with evening tea. Kothimbir means Coriander. Nice and crispy fritters prepared with abundant of fresh coriander […]

Gudi Padwa – hindu new year

Gudi Padwa is a Hindu festival celebrate on the first day of the Chaitra month according to the Hindu calendar. This auspicious festival marks the New Year for all Maharashtrians and Hindu Konkanis and is widely celebrated in India.  So that the term ‘Padava’ is derived from Sanskrit word, ‘Pratipada’, which means the first day […]

Mawa cupcake or Eggless cupcake

  Mawa cupcake or eggless cupcake is most delicious recipe and one of my favorite cake since my childhood.a super soft, eggless cake made with mawa or milk powder, milk and sugar for chocolate flavor added cocoa powder but it is not necessary. If you don’t like chocolate you can skip this step. Evening time […]